Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tudor Rose Knot Tutorial posted

Hi, everyone.

For those of you who are patiently awaiting my tutorial for the Tudor Rose Knot, here is the link (it's a .pdf flie). Many thanx to Nils, of KHWW, for posting it!

Tudor Rose Knot Tutorial

The .pdf file does not allow the links to work, for all the knots used, so here they are:

Constrictor Knot

Star Knot

Wall Knot

Crown Knot

I do hope these links help.

This is my first tutorial, so please be gentle with me. ; - )



knothead1008 said...

Nice tutorial. Well done...
Knot Head...

Gina said...

Merry Christmas Lily!

Alcosinus said...

Hi Lily,

Excellent tutorial...
Very nice and well done...
Many thanks to you,

Al from France