Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another Coil Variation

Here it is! I have been working on this one a long time:

This one was a bit trickier than the other coil I did. First, I removed only part of the core from the paracord. Then I inserted the coil. [That last sentence was WAAAY too short for the length of time it took me to do that!] After I got the coil to the center of the length of paracord, I replaced the core in the end from which it had been removed. The core was surprisingly easy to get through the hole I opened in the outer braid with the yarn needle, all four strands at the same time. Then it was just a matter of slipping it through to the end, and pulling the strands through just enough to keep them right up against the coil inside. Next I took the ends of the paracord through the snap and tied the snake knot back toward the coil, ending by cutting off the small amount that was leftover, with the Perfect End burner.

I used magenta rat tail to make the 7 X 6 THK foundations for the pineapple knots, and pink rat tail to make the 5 X 6 interweaves. I like how this one turned out. It was a lot of work, but fun (although 'Arthur' does not like it when I do that).


ken said...

Great blog and work you have here. Was wondering if you know any good tutorials on the pineapple knot like you have on your post of May14?

Ken Cardwell

ken said...

enjoying your blog and was wondering if you know of an easy tutorial for the pineapple knot like you have on may 14?
ken Cardwell

LoopyLacer said...

Found a couple of Bud's wonderful tutorials for you, Ken. Here they are:


Hope these help...