Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More Pry Bars

I showed DH my pink pry bar and asked if he might like one for his work. He said yes, but figuring he didn't really want my pink one, I made this OD green one for him. It's just the same wrapping method with a lanyard knot, some snake knot, and another lanyard knot. I added a black cord end to finish it off.

While browsing through the small tools section of Home Depot, the other day, I found this -- a much larger version of the pry bar (almost double the size of the one from County Comm), made by Stanley. I had to get one and see if I could make a cover for it, too.

To cover this, I found that since both ends were useful, I couldn't have cords coming off either end. So I decided to try something a little different. I put the cord through the 'teardrop' shaped hole (which actually seems like it might be useful, too), from front to back, then through the round hole, from back to front, then again through the teardrop hole, from front to back, and wrapped it TIGHTLY around the heat-sealed end of the cord. Then it goes around the pry bar and UNDER the next cord TWICE, then around the pry bar and OVER the next cord TWICE, until the final wrap around and under the cord on the back of the pry bar. Then I cut it off with the burner, right at the last 'under' -- be careful with the burner; it left a mark in the black of the pry bar. Also be careful to burn only the end that you want to cut -- the slightest touch of the burner to any other lines will melt them, too!

I was surfing the County Comm site and found they have an even smaller version of their pry bar! So I made one up with orange paracord, and added an orange cord end.

Then I decided I wanted to try to make a one like the Stanley one, with the weaving on both sides, and no cords coming out the back end, so that it could be put onto a key ring or lanyard. Here's how that turned out:

And here's a pic of all of the pry bars I've finished, so far:

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