Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I recently purchased the book, The New Macrame, and found a nice amulet pouch pattern in it. I decided I had to make this pouch, but I wanted to make it just a tad larger, so that it could accomodate my iPod, and fit its BlueTooth adapter, as well. I used braided cotton cord for the strands around the top, to attach the knotting cords, and cut them very long, so that I could use those ends to tie a snake-knot neck cord for the pouch. The first picture shows the right side. You can see that the knotting looks a lot like weaving, but it's not (click on the picture to enlarge) -- each bit of color is a double half hitch knot. The technique is called alternating diagonal double half hitching, and is very similar to alternating square knots. The next two photos show the bag inside out, which looks pretty good, too, but I turned it inside out so that I could tie the ending knots and apply the glue (yes, I know I have always said I don't use glue on my knotting projects, but I made an exception in this case, because I need to be sure those knots do not come untied with use, and this bag will get a lot of use.

I hope to add a picture of the finished bag soon, but I haven't taken one yet. I'll try to get that done in the next day or two...

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