Tuesday, November 10, 2009


This year, the IGKT-PAB held their Annual General Meeting at the American Legion Yacht Club, in Newport Beach, and the next day we demonstrated knot tying at their Wooden Boat Show. I was very bad and did not get any pictures at the event, except for the pictures below. but there are pictures of the meeting on the website of the IGKT-PAB -- thanx to our webmistress, Kim!

I was quite fortunate that we set up our knot-tying display right across from the display of Annie Holmes, artist and authoress. She had a display of her paintings for sale, as well as her book, Skiff Song. It was very nice meeting Annie, and doubly so, because she admired a necklace I was displaying and I wanted her book, so we worked out a trade. I enjoyed the book very much and highly recommend it.

Since I live too far from the meeting place to make it practical to commute, I stayed at the Bay Shores Peninsula Hotel, which is within walking distance, even for me, with my walker. When I checked in, I noticed that they had a ship's bell at the desk, and attached to it was an UGLY piece of dirty-white string where a bell rope should be. I could not let this go, so I had to make a bell rope for them. I finished it on Friday night and attached it to the bell before I left for the demo on Saturday morning. It's nothing too elaborate -- just a three-strand flat braid folded in half over the ring, then tied into a Matthew Walker Knot, followed by Crown Sinnet for a distance, and finished it with a six-strand crowned star knot. It was fun to make and the people in the office seemed to like it. I hope it serves them well for years to come.

It was a very nice weekend, demonstrating tying knots, then spending some time alone in the evenings, tying more knots, reading Annie's book (well, about half of it), etc. It's so nice to have a little break like that, occasionally...


Anonymous said...

Annie lead me to your blog. Pretty interesting, I'd say. You should make a few handles for ship bells when you go where those boats are. Your cords really dress them up.

El Bruche' said...

Love the star knot and your work in general is quite nice. Quick question, what do you do with the ends of the lines when the tying is complete? My star knot while executed well has the strands coming out of the top and cut short because I had no idea how to hide or tuck them out of sight. It is displayed on youtube as a 550 (parachute)cord cat o nine tails by forbrucenash. Another question I had is about your pink ribbon done in a Portugese sennit (soloman bar, cobra knot what have you) and was wondering how you pulled off the cross over portion. When I try I got to the part where it crosses and it just becomes a jarbled mess at that point. Knottyhands@yahoo.com
Thank you and good day, Bruce