Monday, November 9, 2009

Finally Catching Up!

WOW -- I am so far behind that I look like I'm in the lead! Last time I posted anything related to my knot tying (in APRIL ), I was getting ready for the then-upcoming IOLI Convention. (More on that soon.) Then, in May, I added the link to the CBS Sunday Morning segment on knots. Well, six months later, I'm FINALLY catching up on things I should have posted long ago!

June found my husband and me celebrating our Silver (25th) wedding anniversary on a cruise to Alaska. There are too many things for me to do it all justice. Suffice it to say that we had a fantastic time and can't wait to go back!

As far as knot-tyers go, I was fortunate enough to get to meet Louie Bartos, in Ketchikan, and he autographed a copy of his book for me. Thanx again, Louie!

In Juneau, on June 2, our actual anniversary, we went on a whale-watching cruise. At one point during the cruise, the captain, with previously obtained permission, did a "fly by" past a U.S. Coast Guard Cutter. The naturalist on our boat had just been married to an Ensign on the Cutter. It was fun because the two captains began playing with each other, forcing them to cross each others wake, which made for some rather "choppy" sailing. This was almost as much fun as seeing the whales! But I think my favorite part of that day was seeing the eagles!
In Skagway, we took a wonderful tour to Yukon (rode a motor coach there and a narrow-gauge train back), and saw a lot of wildlife. I must confess here, I'm guilty of feeding the wildlife, even though I know it's not wise. No, it wasn't this bear -- it was a MOSQUITO! They grow 'em BIG in Alaska!
But DH did take this shot from just outside the bus. The driver is not really suppose to allow us out when bears are this close, but she let us out two at a time and only if we stayed on the bus' side of the road. This photo was worth the risk, IMHO. : - )

While on the cruise, we got to visit the bridge (part of the anniversary "package" -- you pay for the privilege) and I found the ship's bell. It reads,
The Helmsman (I think) was holding onto the wheel and would not let go of the THK so I could get a picture of it! Hmmm ... navigating through College Fjord (small icebergs all around us) and he wouldn't let go of the wheel ... wonder why ... ROFL

Once we got to Anchorage, we checked into the Hotel Captain Cook. It is the best hotel in Anchorage, IMHO, and the view from our room (left -- we THINK that's Mt. Readout in the distance) could not be matched, and we are still marveling at the IDEAL weather we had for the entire trip. I don't think it got above 75F (22C) nor below 65F (12C) the entire time, and clear as a bell the whole time.

While in Anchorage, I also got to meet Dan Calahan (been wanting to meet him for YEARS), along with a few of the other Anchorage knot-tyers, at the home of our VERY gracious hosts Charles Rigden and his lovely wife, Gail. She made us some of the most delicious treats for our BBQ at their home!

That's Gail, on the left, and Charles, Master BBQ Chef, below. Has to be the BEST burger I've had in a LONG TIME! : - )
Charles even took us "flight-seeing" and we got some SPECTACULAR pictures from only about 400 feet above the glaciers! The weather for the entire 2 weeks was fantastic and we could not have asked for a more wonderful time, the entire trip.

I like that this photo shows the tundra, the lake, the glacier and the mountains in the distance, as well as the "frame" of the plane's window.
Thanx again, Charles, for helping make this trip SO UNBELIEVABLE!

This was yet another "TRIP OF A LIFETIME" that I have been fortunate to take. I do count my blessings. We did take this trip without the children, but we hope to take another cruise to Alaska WITH the boys. They're getting older now and able to appreciate it. However, I have told DH that our 30th anniversary should be a cruise in Australia and New Zealand.
It could happen ... five years ago, Alaska didn't seem likely, either. : - D

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Congrats on the anniversary! Great photos, thanks for sharing!