Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Just getting started...

Hi, everyone:
I've never done a blog before, so it may take me a while to get the hang of it. I've been reading a number of blogs recently, which have been very inspiring, and have decided that I want to begin my own. I am very much into knot-tying, both practical and decorative, but mostly decorative. I also tat, which of course is a form of knot-tying. I decided that I would just use one blog and put whatever comes to mind on it, like a journal. I will just put pictures of whatever I'm making at the time, whether it be knot-tying, tatting, knitting, whatever...
So bear with me while I get used to how this works (figure out how to add photos, links, etc.) and I hope I will be able to include things that people want to see. I am a bit behind on posting to the many Yahoo groups to which I belong, so I will probably just start with the stuff I should be sending to the groups, so that I can remember what I have been wanting to post about. It's been a long time, and quite a few places I have visited -- and I'm not finished traveling yet! I'll be leaving in less than a week for Spokane, to attend the Spokane Shuttlebirds Tatting Days. I look forward to seeing everyone I know there, and meeting a few new friends, too.
I just recently returned from Indianapolis, where I attended the Marlinspike Skills II, and have a few items that I made there, but I still need to take some pictures, so that I can post them. I also made my first wicker basket at Zig-Zag Corner, a wonderful quilt shop in Greenfield, IN, and had a great visit with the people there, whom I visit whenever I go to Indianapolis.
I also go to as many IGKT events that I can, including the Silver Jubilee of the IGKT in England, held at Fareham, last May, the Tenth Anniversary Celebration of the IGKT-PAB, held in San Pedro, CA, in July, as well as the IGKT-NAB's AGM, held in Central Florida, in late November/early December. I won't post all the pictures that I take at all these places here -- I'll put those into my photo albums. But I will probably put pictures of what I make at these events on this blog.
I look forward to including links to my favorite blogs here, as well as some of my favorite books, websites, and other sources of information on the hobbies I enjoy.
Thanx for taking a look and be sure to come back often, because I will be updating as often as I can. : - )

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