Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spokane Shuttlebirds Tatting Workshop

I just returned from Spokane Shuttlebirds Tatting Workshop and am about recovered now, so I can post about it. I had a great time, of course. Normally I take a lot of pictures at events, but this time I only took a few, and they weren't really tatting-related, so I won't post them here -- I'll put them into my photo album asap.

But although I didn't take pictures of the tatting from the Workshop THERE, I can still take pictures here, of the things I made. In Mimi Dillman's classes, I made the following:

A zipper pull (or it could be used as a striver, too):
A refrigerator magnet. Note there are no 'magnets' glued onto the back. This is because the beads themselves are magnetized! Such a simple idea -- so why didn't anyone think of this before? Here it is attached to my fridge:
In Patti Duff's classes ('make it and take it'), I received a lot of patterns and bought a lot of kits to make the following (and then some):

As many already know, Patti Duff made these wonderful name-tag lanyards for all the teachers. She shared the pattern with everyone in her class, and then EVERYONE found a copy of the pattern at their place in the lunchroom! So here's my attempt -- well, at least the beginnings of it). But I'm not entirely sure I like the stitch count around the beads. Patti wrote the pattern for size 20 thread and I had size 10 with me, in this color, so I decided to try that. I think I should reduce the number of stitches in those rings around the beads. What do you think? I could cut off what I have already done, and use it for a fob (or two), and begin again. I'd like some feedback on this before I do anything more, please...
A 3-D Christmas Tree. This is made with 5 simple motifs, strung onto a finding, with beads between.
Here's a pic of a couple of darling little pins I made in the first 'make it and take it' class. They are just simple motifs with a novelty button (shank cut off) glued to the front and a pin-back glued to the back:

I've begun making several adorable little flowers from the patterns Patti supplied, but I think I'll wait until I get the entire arrangement finished before taking a picture of the whole thing. More on that soon...

I don't know of anyone who didn't have a wonderful time at the Spokane Shuttlebirds Workshop, and most of us can't wait till the next one! : - )


Mimi said...

It was great to see you in Spokane, Lily, and to have you in class. Good luck with blogging (from someone who's still resisting!) -- Mimi

NormaH said...

Great blog start! I really like your tatting pieces, especially the Christmas tree. Hadn't thought about a tatted fridge orny but just might have to try one ... always need another fridge orny.