Saturday, April 26, 2008

Simple Knife Lanyard

This is a simple lanyard attached to a mini knife, to make it easier to grip. I made the monkey's fist first, then a lanyard knot, then added the black and made 12 crown knots in one direction, then 12 crown knots in the opposite direction. Then after I finished it with another lanyard knot, finishing off one end inside the lanyard knot, I attached the remaining end to the knife with a noose.

Wondering why I use a lot of pink? Well, if you're a guy, would you want to use it? I have a DH and 2 sons. If I make things in pink, they don't disappear. Doesn't hurt that it's my favorite color either.

Another inspiration from Stormdrane -- I really have to stop looking at his blog -- too many cool ideas! ; - )

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Jane Eborall said...

GREAT to see you're blogging!! Welcome to the wonderful world where you can say what you like!!!!
PS I've added you to my blog list - hope that's OK?