Saturday, April 26, 2008

Knots on Tools

I found this 'Mini Driver' at Walgreens and thought it needed a knot covering. It's a Hanson knot, with a foundation of a 5 X 4 THK. It was too big at first, so I had to untie it, remove the core, then tie it again. That's the nature of THK's -- trial and error...

After I had finished tying the above, I went back to the same store for something else and found the larger version of this same screwdriver on a 'bargain' shelf. Of course, I just had to have that one, and cover it, too. This one was big enough that I could leave the core inside the paracord and tie the same size Hanson Knot:

And here is a photo of both of them together:

What I like about these screwdrivers is that it is all self-contained, so there are no 'bits' to get lost. Also, it's a one-handed operation to change which tip you use. Much simpler.

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