Sunday, April 13, 2008

Marlinspike Skills II

Speaking of Marlinspike Skills, that's the trip from which I returned in mid-March. Here's what I made there:

This first one is a simple fob. Two strands are folded over the ring, and tied into a MWK. Then 10 or 12 crown knots, in one direction, then the same number, in the other direction. Then it's finished off with a manrope knot.

This one is a bit more complicated. Four strands (two of each color) are braided flat, then the braid folded over the ring. Then an 8-strand MWK is tied, then the four strands of one color are tied into a diamond sinnet. Then an 8-strand MWK is tied in the opposite direction. Then the four strands of the other color are tied into diamond sinnet. Then it's finished off with an 8-strand crowned star knot.

Here is a lanyard made to be used two different ways. You can use it around your wrist by slipping the snap through the loop ...

... or wear it around your belt, by slipping the loop around the star-knot 'button'

This was just a little bit of fooling around and 'improvising' in some spare time. I tied 3 strands into a flat braid and folded it over the ring. Then a MWK, then wall-crown-wall-crown...sinnet. Then a MWK in the opposite direction, then a star knot, then another MWK. It is finished off with a manrope knot.

This is an experiment with multiple snake knots, in magenta rat-tail cord. I thought I could try taking the strands from one snake knot through the corresponding adjacent knot, to form a fob, sort of in the style of macrame. The result is pretty, imho. I finished it off with a carrick bend. Then I added metallic beads to the ends of the fringe and tied figure-8 knots as stoppers for the beads.

More to follow, as soon as I can get some more written. I just returned from Spokane and am still getting back to reality. Happy to be finished traveling for a few months. : - )

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