Saturday, April 26, 2008

Monkey's Fist Bookmarks

Yet another idea from Stormdrane. Here are a few of my versions of his bookmarks:

The brown one (not sure what kind of cord it is) is Monkey's Fists, but the pink line (paracord) was too short, so I had to settle for Button Knots.

These are a great idea! They'll make nice gifts for kids' teachers (really, how many apple knickknacks do they really need?). They might also make a nice alternative to the monkey's fist necklaces that we teach the kids to make at demos. True, they will require that we take the time to have them make two knots, but that repetition may further ingrain the knot in their minds, and what better way to encourage them to read! I'm sure I'll be making more. Thanx for another great inspiration, Stormdrane!

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